Employment Working Group: March 4, 2012

Ed, Al, and Amanda met in Glenwood Coffee & Books, 9:30—11:00 a.m.

Coming in, Ed said, teasingly, “Well, how many jobs are we creating today?”

As it turned out, that’s exactly what we discussed and decided to do! Soon, summer, there will be unemployed high school young men and women out of work, nothing to do, wanting meaningful work and a few bucks. What if we enabled them to start a business, a worker/owner/management co-op?

There are plenty of needy people in Glenwood for example, wanting their grass cut and other “handyman” chores – work they’re too feeble to do themselves (but can’t afford the prices big companies charge for helping). Moreover, we’re all trying to do for ourselves, rather than rely on Gov’t or Corporations! And we’re trying to create confident, experienced young people, especially in cooperative ventures!

After the meeting, Al spoke to his high school friend, Selena Gama, 18 in April; she would make the perfect administrator for such a project. “I’ll be in charge,” she thought, but Al explained the concept of working together, horizontal leadership, and everyone profiting equally (“gain share” like we do in the bookshop). Selena wondered if it would be too much for her, but Al encouraged her to try, to “crunch it down,” start simply with just a couple of tiny steps… Selena decided she was up to it, if her foster mother approved…

Respectfully submitted,